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today we would like to show you some of the impressive work of our Splendide hand and foot models.



Splendide HAndModels


Many years ago, a young French woman applied as a model at Splendide. Her application included Cover pictures of Vogue and a Cartier catalog showing only her hands.

When I saw her hands live, I was stunned at first. Could these be the same hands? After the obligatory Polaroids, I recognized them. Even hands can be photogenic.

As a hand model we could not place her. But mediate to China. Today Laura Weissbecker is an international movie star. She became famous as a female lead in the blockbuster Chinese Zodiac on the side of Jackie Chan. Gesturing is part of her acting talent.

Click here for the portfolio of Laura Weissbecker.

Here to the acting presence at

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*Proverb from Senegal



Hands and feet do not always have to be beautiful.

Even authentic craftsmen hands, children's hands, old hands, tattooed hands and hands of different ethnicities are exciting for advertising.

Today Splendide Models occupy numerous commercial productions explicitly, but not only because of their expressive hands and feet. The following pictures speak for themselves...


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The myth of a hand models white gloves

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Splendide International Models - News02

Hands: Commercial Model Mathias Wulff    


Hands are enormously important in the imagery.

We literally feel the emotion of the mobile phone user.

Splendide International Models - News03

Hands: Hand&Footmodel Sigrid W   


The manicure belongs to every hand model job.

On top of that we have an eye on it as an agency.

Splendide International Models - News04

Hands: Actress Lili K   

Hand Care

Depending on the skin type, hand models protect their hands against aggressive sunlight with high SPF.




"Hand models always wear white gloves to protect themselves from the sun's rays and injuries." At this point we want to disenchant this myth.

No, hand models are people who normally participate in life.

But of course, they pay special attention to their hands and nails and care accordingly. And many play an instrument strikingly professional.



Do you have a question about hands and feet in advertising? Then let us discuss it. We look forward to your call.




Splendide International Models - News05

Hands: Comercialmodel Hart M   



In addition to hands and other body parts feet are a relevant topic - not only in the beauty photography. Therefore, we also document the feet of all our models to select or exclude them.

"Although preventive documentation is time-consuming, it saves considerable time in the event of a specific inquiry, and economic and reliable information will also benefit caterers and advertising agencies." Angela Thiemann, Head of Booking.

Splendide Hand- und Footmodels...

Exactly what you are looking for your next marketing campaign?




Splendide International Models - News06
Feet: Actress Daniela J   

Splendide Models submit their hands and feet, f.e. Apple, Coca Cola, Krombacher, MiuMiu, Nestea, O2, Olympus, L'Oreal, Scholl Akiko, Volkswagen, Whiskas ...

Splendide International Models - News07
Feet: Hand&Footmodel Sigrid W   

Last but not least 2 exciting Comercials:

MiuMiu Spot with Splendide Model

TicTac Spot with Splendide Model


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